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The mission of Solidaritee is to unite compassionate humans through heightened awareness and charitable initiatives; we are clothing with a cause.

Message from the Founder:

Among the many things the Liberty Bell represents, perhaps, the most important are the freedoms we're granted as citizens: freedom of speech, or of the press; free exercise of religion; and our freedom to peacefully assemble for causes that matter most. 

Solidaritee was founded in the spirit of “United we stand, divided we fall”. In a similar fashion, we promote charity and solidarity to express "Unity at the Seam". Whether you're marching at a rally, exploring the outdoors, or adventuring with friends and family, our goal is to establish a brand of awareness and give voice to various causes. Keeping our mission at heart, we stand alongside other Public Benefit Corporations devoted to global positivity. 

Made in Las Vegas, each garment is sewn to unite our communities. Stitch by stitch, we aim to connect humanity and fashion. 

Through custom fabric and corresponding charity, we help you wear your heart on your sleeve and show the true impact of solidarity. Wear what matters, and together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

For you and we, 

Avery Ford, Founder


Solidaritee Women's March